Networking Conversation

10 Powerful Networking Conversation Starters That Never Fail


Networking Conversation

You walk into a room full of people you don’t know. Everyone looks so comfortable with one another.  Did these people bring their friends? You start to regret not dragging your friend along to this event. But you’re there, so you attempt to make the best of it. You make your way over to the food table that way you look like your doing something. You check your phone and then look around hoping someone who is also alone will make eye contact with you. Finally, you start to talk with someone. You spend the majority of the time talking about traffic. Once they leave, you feel distraught and like you’re not cut out for this networking thing. Have you ever been here?

The truth is, you don’t need to waste hours at networking events to become a “good networker.” If you want to make connections, you need a powerful conversation starter. Take a look at some of these starters at networking events to spark meaningful conversation with professionals alike.

1. What’s your favorite conversation starter at a networking event?
2. So, what do you do?
3. What brought you here today?
4. What are you passionate about?
5. How did you get the job you have?
6. If there is one question you do not want me to ask you because you are sick and tired of answering it, what question would that be?
7. These networking events can be hectic. Mind if I join you over here where it’s a little quieter?
8. What advice would you give me, or anyone, who wanted to be successful in your line of work?
9. What do you love/enjoy most about what you do?
10. What is going on with your competitors and in the industry in general?

Before you ask any of these questions, get the person’s name and be sure to use it throughout the conversation. Additionally, compliment people on the accomplishments they share with you. Finally, Thank them for their time when you’re done conversing and ask for a business card.

Be fearless and use these conversation starters at your next networking event to make a meaningful business connection!

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