11 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview



When entering a job interview, your main goal is to show why you’re the best-qualified person for the job. To do this, avoid saying the following:

  1. “That’s a great question!” – It may seem like this is an engaging statement but really it’s unnecessary. Show you are prepared for  certain interview questions and are capable of answering similar questions.
  2. “What is the title of the role again?” – You should always read about the position before the interview.  Furthermore, you should study the company’s profile.
  3. “I’ve actually never done this type of job before, but…” – Again, your main goal entering an interview is to show why you’re the best-qualified candidate. When you don’t have experience in an area,  focus on your transferable skills.
  4. “I really can’t imagine anyone more qualified than me.” – The truth is, you don’t know the skill-set and experience of other applicants. It’s best to enter an interview with the idea that all candidates are equal. Consider 10 ways  you can stand out.
  5. “My last boss was terrible.” – Do not complain about your previous or current job. Complaining shows your lack of ability to cope with a challenging situation and move past it. Furthermore, it could lead the interviewer to think that you will talk trash about their company or employees in the future.
  6. “This will be a great step to my next career move.” – While this may be the exact reason you want this job, it’s not smart to share this information with the interviewer. Career expert Lynn Williams recommends asking about opportunities for advancement in the company. This shows, according to her, “that you mean to stay with the company and let them benefit from your developing skills, knowledge, and maturity. You’re not just showing commitment, but long-term commitment.”
  7. “I don’t know.” – There is always a better response than “I don’t know”. Again, show you are prepared to answer a series of questions. Show thoughtfulness in each answer and take a moment if need be.
  8. “I don’t have any questions for you.” – Just as an interviewer prepares questions for you, prepare questions about the company. While they want to see if you will be a good fit for them, make sure they are a good fit for you. Read about the best questions to ask during your interview.
  9. “I like your watch!” – Flattery will not get you far in an interview and does not show why you are the best-qualified candidate. If you really must compliment the interviewer, make it related to something you know they’ve done in the business, or even talk about a move the company made that you admired.
  10. “Um, So, Like, I Really, Um . . .” – Avoid filler words. Your speech should be formal, confident, and clear. Practice speaking out loud while being mindful of filler words.
  11. “Do People Generally Like Working Here?” – Ask specific questions about company culture and team morale, and be direct. An appropriate question could be, “What type of people are successful here? What type of people are not?”


Keep your eye on the prize. If a statement or question does not show why you’re the best-qualified candidate or does not reflect your curiosity in the company, it may be better left unsaid.

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