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3 Creative Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting


Team MeetingHave you ever been to a work meeting that feels passive? If you’re like most people, your answer is yes. People tend to tune out at tedious meetings. But when you need to make significant company decisions, you want the whole team to be present physically and mentally. Meetings should be taken seriously, but they shouldn’t be boring. Here’s what you can do to make your team meetings more engaging:

  1. Everyone sets a goal – One company refers to this as “Goalfest”. Here’s how it works: Create a shared spreadsheet and have each team member set a goal for themselves for the current week. Discuss the goals as a team. The following week, each person will go back and rate how well their goal was completed on a scale of 1-5 (1 being “not well” and 5 being “success”). This strategy is useful because everyone can be in charge of themselves and it makes everyone equal.  It only works when everyone, even the head figure, takes part.
  2. Work in pairs – It seems familiar in work culture to tune everyone out and not converse. Your team can gain more if you do the opposite! Pair up two team members for regular coaching or support. Team members don’t have to be on the same “level”. Once paired up, the two members will share achievements and top current challenges. The goal isn’t to solve one another’s problems, but instead to gently probe through active listening and asking questions
  3. Celebrate small victories – A 2011 study examined 26 project teams from seven different companies, and found that celebrating small wins can have an outsize impact on team motivation. Recognize small milestones and the people who worked to make them happen. Once a week, gather around and commend others for their efforts and successes. Additionally, encourage others to share their small work victories.


Meetings are a valuable time to connect and work towards company goals. When your team feels engaged at weekly meetings, there is a better chance you will accomplish more as a unit.

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