Attitude Makes A Difference


Being successful, whether as a CEO or as a manager, whether as an entrepreneur or as an employee, takes work. What are some common characteristics of successful people? Our new blog series, “Keys to Success”, will provide professionals with insights into specific traits and characteristics of successful people. 

It can be easy to let a negative situation affect you at work, which often causes a sour attitude to persist throughout the day. However, a leader of integrity chooses to be proactive about the attitude he or she carries from day-to-day.

Dr. Dave Martin introduces two important concepts of what can make or break an attitude:

  • Make a choice to look for the good things – Make the choice to be better. Instead of thinking of the reasons you can lose, think of the reasons you can win. This requires a pro-active mindset to look past negativity and make way for positivity.
  • Don’t let someone else control you – You have the choice to allow someone to get the best of you or cause you to act  angry or distressed. Sometimes we feel the need to be confrontational with someone so we can feel like we have the upper-hand. If you are able to choose between causing internal chaos over a trivial situation or calmly walking away, go with the latter.


Although these concepts may seem simple, applying them to your daily life requires effort. Now you have the tools to take control and create a more constructive and happier environment for yourself.

Watch the full video of Dr. Dave Martin’s “Success Made Simple” below:

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