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How You Can Stop Being A Pushover At Work


pushover work

Do you say yes to every task that comes your way even though you’re swamped with work? Do you avoid correcting others for fear that you will lose your job? If the answer is yes, you might be a pushover. There is a fine line between benevolent behavior and being a pushover. Here is how to stop being a pushover at work:

1. Say no the right way

Saying no does not make you an aggressive or unreasonable person. Say no when you need to, but in a respectful yet firm manner. Be confident when you have to say no to an insane task that is not in your job description.  When you do, don’t feel the need to give a lengthy reason why. Keep your answer short, respectful, and firm.

2. Stop saying sorry

Don’t feel bad if you say sorry often, but DO change this reaction. There are times an apology is appropriate: For example, when you step on someone’s foot by accident. However, don’t apologize over minuscule tasks. For instance, there is no need to apologize to your boss for not replying to his text last night on a Saturday when you did not schedule a phone call. Don’t be sorry about situations you can’t control.

3. Consider alternatives before saying yes

Sometimes, we want to give people the answer they want to hear to be agreeable. Show the people around you that you are mindful of the tasks or difficulties at hand. Demonstrate your leadership by thoughtfully thinking when asked to do something. It’s okay to say, “I am focusing on a different project right now that needs my attention, let me get back to you on that in 15 minutes, thanks.”

If you’re a pushover, people will respect you less, and you might jeopardize the opportunity to work on new projects, get promoted, or accomplish any other work-goals. Progression in the workplace requires a balance of kindness and assertiveness.

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