LinkedIn Recommendation Template



When you leave a recommendation, it appears to others on your personal LinkedIn and lets others see that you can recognize valuable work. Furthermore, LinkedIn recommendations help others secure projects, build credibility, or find a new job. Whether you have been asked by a colleague or a former employee for a recommendation, or you decide to leave praises to a colleague, your post should be professional and thoughtful. Here is a template that will help you write an excellent LinkedIn recommendation:

Section 1: Say how you know them

How do you know this person? Typically, valued reviews come from a former work colleague or supervisor. You can keep this short and explain your position and your work relation to them.

Section 2: Determine what makes this person unique

What did this person do that made their work exceptional? Consider all the times they were consistent or strengths that made them a unique source for the team. Discuss their technical abilities as well as their soft skills.

Section 3: Explain why you enjoyed working with them

Consider your specific interactions with the individual and their behavior with others. How did they help make your work easier? Consider their personality. Were they an encouraging of others? Reflect on the positive aspects of this individual.

Section 4: Write a strong closing

This section should be a short recap (one to two sentences) why this person is a valued asset and how you think they will benefit companies in the future.


Always leave recommendations for people who were valuable workers. This is a positive reflection on your company and will demonstrate to other companies your sense of leadership and values.

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