linkedin salary calculator

LinkedIn Salary Calculator


LinkedIn has just released a new Salary tool for professionals to discover their full earning potential.

Users are able to anonymously submit and view salary information across many different fields. The free LinkedIn Salary tool shows users a base salary for a particular job title. You can adjust the settings to reflect your personal experience, skills, education level, company size, industry and location.

How is the helpful for you? By researching salaries for job titles, the LinkedIn Salary tool can help professionals make the most of their earnings by suggesting steps they can take, skills they can acquire or changes they could make to boost their earning potential.

For example, we did a search for Supply Chain Analyst and found a range of yearly median base salaries in the following US cities:

  • New York, NY – $62,000
  • San Francisco, CA – $70,000
  • Houston, TX – $66,000
  • Denver, CO – $58,500
  • Chicago, IL – $65,000


“At the heart of it is the ability to understand why certain people make more than others and what you can do to set yourself up for greater earning potential,” Daniel Shapero, LinkedIn’s director of product manager for Careers told Forbes.

Do you think this tool would be beneficial when looking for a new job or asking for a promotion?

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