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How Long Should It Take To Find A New Job?


Job search

When looking for a job, each day that passes can feel like an eternity. And the worst part is you don’t know when the job search will end. Will it take a few days, a few months, a few years? According to a new survey it takes on average five months to land a new job.

The average job hunt includes:

  • 4 different edited versions of a resumé
  • 7 seven applications submitted
  • 5 job interviews attended
  • 4 four cover letters written


These numbers can be reassuring for a job seeker. With concrete numbers, you can put things in perspective and not take each rejection so personally. And if you see other job seekers landing jobs faster than you, don’t get discouraged. You don’t know how much time and energy they put into getting that job behind the scenes.

So, now that you know the average timeline for getting a job, how can you stay positive throughout the job search? Here are a few tips:

  • Focus on the aspects of the job search you can control. When you’re waiting to hear back from a recruiter or interviewer, you can end up feeling helpless. You fate lies in their hands, and you’re in the dark: you don’t know where you stand compared to other candidates, and you don’t know how long the hiring process will take. So focus on the things you can control: update your LinkedIn profile or website, taking an online course, or go to a networking event. It will make the job search process feel less stressful.


  • Instead of just applying to any job opening out of desperation, consider other career options that interest you. Go on informational interviews to learn more about those fields. If you didn’t like your old job, this could be a chance to go into a field you truly enjoy.


  • Establish a daily routine and work toward small goals.When you lose your job, you lose all structure. No longer are you frantically going from meeting to meeting, with coffee in hand; your pace of life slows down. So settle into a schedule that works for you: maybe it’s eating breakfast, walking your dog in the morning, then searching for jobs online. Create small goals, and work toward them.


  • Volunteer. When no job leads are coming your way, instead of staying inside a feeling miserable about yourself, volunteer in your community and meet new people. Not only will this make you feel better and connect you with like-minded people, your volunteer experience will look great on your resume.


  • Enjoy the free time. Take this time to focus on other aspects of your life. It can be hard to say this when you have limited income. You can’t exactly take a trip to Hawaii when you don’t know where your next paycheck will come from. But if there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time for, this is the perfect opportunity. Read that stack of books on your bedside table (or binge-watch that Netflix show you’ve been wanting to watch), learn how to play the guitar, get more involved in your child’s soccer team or the PTA, etc.


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