What Recruiters Really Mean When They Say This



Sometimes going on job interviews can feel a lot like dating: What did they mean when they said they’ll be in touch? Did I come off as too desperate? Should I send them a follow-up message?

It can be hard to interpret what recruiters mean when they give you a generic response, but with the hundreds, and often thousands, of applications they have to go through, it becomes a necessity to give formulaic responses.

So here are a few tips from Glassdoor on how to interpret recruiters’ somewhat cryptic responses:

1. “We’ll keep your resume on file. Thank you for your interest in working at our company!”

What they mean: “Your resume will stay in our system, but we might not look at it again.”

Next steps: Ask if they have any other positions available that could be a good fit. If they don’t, keep checking their career page and reach out when a similar role opens up.

2. “We’ll get back to you either way.”

What they mean: “If you don’t get the position, we might send you an email letting you know, but we probably won’t.”

Next steps: You probably won’t hear back from the recruiter if you didn’t get the job. They’re dealing with so many candidates that they don’t have enough time to email everyone back.

Instead of twiddling your jobs and constantly refreshing your email for a response, be proactive and let the recruiter know you’ll check in with them next week. You can follow up with them a few more times, but don’t overdo it.

3. “You’re perfect for the job, but we have to finish interviewing other candidates.”

What they mean: “We’ve got someone else in mind, but if they don’t accept the offer, you’re the next best thing.”

Next steps: If you were their first choice, then they wouldn’t waste any more time interviewing other candidates. They might be trying to keep you from taking another job just in case the employer’s first choice doesn’t accept the position.

Ask the recruiter for a hiring timeline and keep looking for other jobs. Let the recruiter that you’re interested in the role but that you’ll still continue to go on interviews and consider other offers. This could convince the employer that you should be their first choice.

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