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The Best Way To Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”


Interview Questions

The point of an interview is to promote your best qualities and accomplishments. It’s no surprise that the interview question “What is your greatest weakness?” stands as a paradox.  The truth is, a hiring manager will ask this question to see how well you prepare, so preparation is important. Here are key ways you can carefully navigate the interview question “What is your greatest weakness?”

Avoid the strength disguised as a weakness.

You may have heard the best way to answer this question is to mask it with strength. However, this method is so overplayed and hinders authenticity.  A hiring manager is a person, someone who can read honesty and appreciates authentic relationships. They want to make sure the person for the job will be trustworthy in the long haul.

Be honest, with a twist

Being honest may seem like a sure way to sabotage your candidacy. The trick is to selectively identify one weakness that will not torpedo your chances of landing this job. Another method is to talk about a quality you want to improve. Rebecca Horan, the personal branding expert at Rebecca Horan Consulting LLC, shares this great example: “Show that you care about personal development. If you’ve struggled in a specific area of expertise, but you’re taking a class in it to bolster your skillset, great! Talk about that.

Don’t self-sabotage

This is where you need to be selective when it comes to choosing a weakness. We all have many faults, so consider all of them. Avoid “fatal flaws”: these are imperfections that don’t benefit your interview or positively reflect your character. Picking the right weakness may be difficult to gage, so consider how it would sound if you were the hiring manager.


Answering the question “What is your greatest weakness?” requires preparation. Take some time before your interview to consider these key points.




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