Trade Compliance Salary Survey Results


Have you ever wondered if you’re being compensated fairly? Do you want to know what someone else in your same position makes? You’re not alone.

We received great feedback from our Trade Compliance Salary Survey! More than 500 people in 20 different countries with over 200 job title variations participated in the survey. Earlier this month we hosted a webcast with Integration Point to present the findings of the survey.

Here are highlights:

  • Managers and Senior Managers made up the majority of the respondents
  • Trade Compliance Specialist was the most common job title
  • 67% of respondents were Licensed Customs Brokers
  • 74% of respondents noted they were open to making a career change
  • Only 37% are satisfied with overall compensation


Are you part of the 74% that are thinking of making a career change? If so, you can see open international trade jobs on our website.

If you missed the Trade Compliance Salary Survey webcast, you can access the replay link to see current trends in career paths for trade compliance professionals. How do you rank among your peers?

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