Why To Use an External Recruiting Firm for Hiring an International Trade Compliance Professional


There are many good reasons to work with an external recruiting firm, especially in the international trade compliance industry. Below are a few of the benefits of working with Pisani Recruiting.handshake_free-image-150x150

Measure Quality
If you set specific goals and guidelines to be met by external recruiters, you can easily manage them. This guarantees that you find the highest quality candidates without adding to the existing job load for your internal HR department.

Most internal recruiting is done online with third party sites and very little screening. Pisani Recruiting utilizes personal interviews, proven sources for high quality candidates, personality profiles, career matching tools and more to help you hire and keep the best candidate for your position!

When working with niche industries or specialized job roles, jobs can be extremely difficult to fill.  These positions can often be filled faster by recruiting agencies because agencies focus on those specific candidates with a large applicant pool already existing.

Pisani Recruiting has pre-screened candidates which allows you to quickly make decisions about individual applicants to move those candidates through the internal interview process. Given the shortage of specialized candidates in this market, this is an obvious solution to speed up the recruitment process!

Corporate Culture
Professional recruiting firms will analyze your corporate culture, speak directly with the hiring manager and perform corporate culture assessments and individual personality profiles which lead to higher quality candidates with a better chance of retention.

You don’t pay unless the recruiting firm places someone; the candidate has to be placed in the job prior to the recruiter getting paid.

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